Bathroom Sets for Smart Family Bathrooms

If you could be a fly on the wall in a lot of family bathrooms you would know that most of them are far from the type of bathrooms that you see on the pages of the glossy interior design magazines. In fact, most of them are a bit of a mess. In most cases, the fittings themselves are fine but the surfaces are cluttered with a whole plethora of beauty products and other items and there is often a heap of wet towels and dirty laundry too. Something has to be done if you want to change the look of your bathroom but it does not need to be too drastic.

The main thing is to simplify everything that is cluttering up the room. Get rid of all the bottles and jars of creams and lotions or at least tidy them away in a closet or basket. Give your bathroom a good cleaning. (This will be much easier once it is clear of all the junk.) Then it is time to decorate it.

bathroom accessory sets

Choose a smart bathroom accessory set which will work well with your bathroom. If the bath tub is white and the walls and floor are neutral then you have free rein as far as color is concerned but if you already have colored tiles choose something that will go well with them. In most bathrooms, there is generally only room for a few items on display without a mess building up so make sure you keep everything behind closed doors apart for your new accessories.

Then buy yourself some new fluffy towels in a two colors which coordinate with your bathroom accessories. Fold them neatly and put them on display on shelves or in a basket. Add a matching bath rug to the floor. These few steps will give your bathroom a complete make over. The only problem will be keeping it that way if your family is like 99% of other families!