Bar Fridges For Entertainment

An essential appliance for a well-appointed home is a bar fridge for your main entertaining area. The ability to mix and serve cold beverages in your party room adds a touch of sophistication to any event.

When it comes to bar fridges, you have two basic alternatives available.  The first is to use a built-in specialty bar fridge, and the second is to make use of an improvised portable fridge

Specialty Bar Fridges

FrissionIf you are lucky enough to have a room in your house that contains an area designed as a bar, you can truly create a great setup.  These rooms will usually have built in shelving, and a space specifically designed to house an integrated bar fridge freezer.  This is a similar concept to having an integrated fridge freezer in the kitchen.  These specialized bar fridges will blend right into the décor, and will sometimes include a display door to allow you to easily review the contents with the door closed.

Portable Fridge

Most home do not come built with an area dedicated for a bar.  If your house is like this you may elect a cheaper alternative than buying a specialized bar fridge.  Buying a portable fridge and placing it in the corner of the room really gets you the same functionality.  What a bar fridge basically buys you is the ability to cool drinks where the action is – a portable fridge can do this just as well for significantly less money.

There is no shortage of quality brands to choose from when shopping for bar fridges.  Danby, Maytag, Samsung and Kenmore all produce models.  There is a good selection of LG fridge freezers available also.

If the idea of owning a bar fridge for your home appeals to you, I strongly recommend you purchase one.  You are unlikely to regret it!