Bakugan toys for Christmas

One of the most popular games for young boys all over North America at the moment is the Bakugan Battle Brawlers game. If your child is not already playing this game then you may want to buy a Bakugan Starter Pack or get a Bakugan Battle Pack. These are possibly the best ways to get into the Bakugan game.

The Starter Pack contains enough pieces and cards for one player. However if you are planning on playing the game with your son then it may make more sense to get the Battle Pack. This is because it contains all that you need for two players to have a game. It is always worth checking the prices because one or other may be on special. It is possible that it might cost you less if you decided to go for two Starter Packs. However usually it is the Battle Pack that works out as better value.

If you do not know the game then here is a brief description of how to play. It may sound a bit complicated but in actual fact is very easy once you get started. Each player begins the game with three Bakugan warriors, these are the marble like balls that spring open when they touch anything metallic. You also require three gate cards as well as three ability cards. That is it.

The object of the game is to win three gate cards. When you do this, you have won. Players take turns rolling their Bakugan towards gate cards that they have placed in the playing area. When a Bakugan from the opposing sides lands and opens on the same gate card the a fight will ensue. Another thing I like about this game is that along with its enjoyment factor it is also educational. This makes it worthy of serious consideration.