Baby Crib To Toddler Bed

Its a big move for any child when they have to change their bed and for a child it can sometimes be upsetting to make the move from the familiarity and comfort of their baby crib to their big boy or girl toddler bed.  So how can you help your child to adjust to their big move?

Although it is not practical to let such a young child make the decisions when it comes to choosing their toddler bed but letting them have a partial input can really help them with the transition.  It can be as simple as letting them view the various different options in a catalog to choosing their bed sets, a favorite cartoon character toddler bed can be a turning point in your toddlers refusal to consider a new bed.  Is it bribery? well in a way yes, but you must remember that for a child that young, moving beds can be as unsettling as adults moving home!

Behind Bars
A toddlers world is a much smaller place than an adults and is filled with familiar places, sounds, sights and people and it can be quite disruptive for any of that to change suddenly, giving your toddler something familiar such as a favorite character bed spread can give them extra security on their adventure.

Another way to help your toddler to adjust is by moving gradually, not all children will have a problem moving and in fact some children are quite happy to change but many young children find it hard.  The more fun you can make the move the easier it will be.  Toddlers are at a difficult age, while they want to feel like the big boy or girl they also want to be the baby again at times and this can be a hard time for them, be understanding to their reluctance and don’t push too hard if they creep back into their nursery during the night, its not going to happen forever and at some stage your toddler will be only too happy to play and sleep in their new toddler bed!