Baby Booties Help Keep Feet Warm In The Winter

Baby booties are just what you think they are. Cute little things babies wear to keep their feet warm. Most are made from cotton, synthetics or wool. Whose idea was it to call them booties? Probably a mother who wanted a word to rhyme with cuties.

Well, baby booties shoes are definitely cute. The best ones are the ones that are knit by you or your friends. You don’t really have to worry about baby clothes because lots of people love buying stuff for kids. However, if for some reason, no one will buy it, then the clothes can be made at home. Think about it, the baby is tiny, there isn’t much to make. After all, in ancient times, babies were just wrapped up in blankets without real clothes. That made it simple and easy to keep them warm and clean. Just toss a shirt on them and a diaper and they are good to go.

baby booties

baby booties

However, baby booties shoes are quite different. See, a baby has really small feet. You may not have seen a newborn in a while. Their feet are like the size of your thumb. Take a look at your thumb right now. Yeah, a newborn baby foot is about that big. And their head fits inside your palm. These little critters grow inside the belly of a woman and weigh less than a gallon of milk.

The socks or shoes they wear must be cute and warm. This is done by proper sizing. Though it’s nearly impossible to create proper baby booties for newborns without seeing them, most children grow into clothes at some point. Aim for 1 to 2 months old. The baby is still small enough to benefit from booties. The size of their feet will probably be about 2 inches in length and 1 inch in width.