Baby Bedroom Accessories

These days there are so many baby accessories available for new parents to choose from that it is a far cry from former years. From yesteryear to now parents have had the same concerns about what their baby needs to thrive, although now new parents can be inundated with marketing gimmicks and new technologies which can make the decisions even tougher. Setting up a new nursery is an exciting time for new parents and although there are a myriad of products available on the market there really are only a few essentials required- although a baby’s needs can vary according to the individual.

The first baby accessories parents usually buy is a bassinet, cradle or rocker and as simple as that sounds the choices for these alone can be endless. Which ever you decide on, make sure it adheres to current safety standards and will fit your needs- such as potential portability, style of the nursery and if you require a certain height. If the mother is having a Cesearean Section then a cradle that sits too low may not be appropriate. There is the option of buying second hand or family members with their child’s crib they are willing to lend, this is fine although once again make sure it adheres to safety standards and it is recommended that the mattress and bedding be replaced with new ones for your baby only. This is because the cause of SIDS is not known for certain, but it has been linked with bacteria amongst other things.

Buying a latex mattress is a good option as natural latex is hypo-allergenic and so will not harbour bacteria. Other furniture to consider are a baby change table, complete with plastic coated mattress which turns up at the sides, and nursing chair. If you decide on an old fashioned wooden rocking chair then there are a range of breast feeding pillows available to make breast feeding more comfortable for the mother and baby.