Awesome Eco-Friendly Presents for Mum!

Finding the perfect presents for mum can be easy when she already knows what she wants. For the mother that considers the environment to be on her top priority list, there is no choice but to go green or go home!

Is Your Mum an Eco-Warrior?

Whether your mother is already a selfmade member of the green movement or is just beginning to gain eco-awareness you can definitely hook her up with something that the planet will appreciate just as much as she will! An indoor spice garden is a fantastic starting point for an environmentalist: this gift will keep on giving! Consider picking up a kitchen composting unit (about $20) to sweeten the deal!

Your choice of presents for mum should reflect the ideas of sustainability, reduction, and recycling. A portable water bottle or insulated mug made from recycled materials fulfills all three of these ideals! She will save money on refills at her favorite beverage shops while eliminating a good portion of daily waste that would probably have gone straight to the landfill.

The most powerful present, by far, is the gift of giving. Surprise your mother with a donation in her name to her favorite environment or wildlife organization so that your thoughtfulness can translate directly into positive action! These transactions can be done digitally thereby preventing any waste from the production of a tangible gift.

Consider “upcycling” items found at flea markets or garage sales. Refinish old furniture, picture frames, or salvage a unique oddity to surprise your mum without being responsible for another needlessly produced item. Make something old seem brand new again and add a personal touch to make it truly hers.

Whether your looking for fun mothers day gifts or for any other loving occasion, environmentally aware gift giving is extremely smart in today’s world climate.

Time to start hunting for special presents for your special mum!