Army Legos: What Everyone Ought To Know

If you can recall many happy hours spent playing with Legos, it is no surprise!  Legos have been popular ever since they were first created in 1923, and the company has enjoyed continual popularity ever since.  Army Legos are a fairly recent addition to the Legos line.

A Danish carpenter named Kirk Christiansen is credited with the invention of the toys that have come to be known as Legos.  “Leg Godt”, which means “Play Well”, was soon shortened to LEGO – this happened in 1934.  The first Legos were made of wood.  Plastic Legos similar to those we enjoy now were first introduced in 1947.  Larger, toddler-friendly DUPLO blocks were introduced in 1967 and are still popular today.

Today, more than two hundred million sets of Legos are sold worldwide.  They include all kinds of Legos army toys, with representations of medieval knights, fierce Vikings, and even Ben 10 and Star Wars characters.  The Legos Hero Factory toys are becoming incredibly popular since they give children the opportunity to enjoy creative, open ended play without the mind numbing effects so often experienced by those who simply watch TV and play with addictive electronic gadgets.

Legos inspire children to solve problems and create scenarios – best of all, they contain interchangeable pieces so there is virtually no end to the fun that can be had with these simple plastic bricks and accessories!  Perhaps this is partly because the Danish family who started the Legos legacy still owns the company – these toys are proven to provide endless hours of fun and learning for boys and girls alike.

Some of the newest, coolest army Legos are inspired by the Toy Story movies.  Green army men, along with off road vehicles that even include a spare tire, and infantry stretchers for carrying the wounded out of battle, are fun for kids who love to create battle scenes.

Legos are affordable – they can be purchased for an average of about $10-$40 per package, depending on what kind of figures and accessories are included.  Although some retailers carry an extensive line of Legos toys, the best selection can be found online.  Have fun shopping for Legos – you might even find yourself creating scenarios along with your kids!