A Quick Overview Of Different Camping Lights

Are you planning a camping trip? Have you been on one before, or will you next camping trip be your first? Do you know what to take?

Anyone who has been camping before pretty much knows the list of what to bring. Anyone who hasn’t been, may miss a few things on the list. In general, you’ll of course need clothes and food. If you aren’t going in an RV, you’ll also want some kind of camping stove and easy to clean cookware. Then there is a tent, sleeping bag, and possibly an air mattress. Finally, as far as major camping supplies goes, is your camping light.

If you are a regular camper, you will already have a camping light, or several. If you haven’t been before you may not have picked one up already. Whichever category you fit into, it’s a good idea to know what available. You’ll know for your first purchase, or have ideas for an upgrade.

Of course flashlights make good camping lights. Some are larger than others and even have their own stand. But, traditionally, flashlights are not what is first thought of when camping lanterns are mentioned. Usually one thinks of an actual lantern.

Lanterns come liquid, or semi liquid, fuel based as well as electric. Fuel based lanterns will need to have the fuel burned. This means a nice bright light, but it also means the risk of fire, and at least smoke from the lantern. Electric lanterns run on batteries. These batteries can be charged by the sun, charged by a hand crank, or be just regular batteries that will need to be replaced, or charged in a separate charger.

Electric lanterns come with different bulbs as well. Most are florescent, but many are now coming with LED lights. LEDs have the advantage of using a lot less energy as well.

As you can see, there are many options for purchasing a new camping light. If you are getting an upgraded light, then a lantern with a solor powered recharger or an LED bulb (or both) is more likely to be for you. Whatever you decide, you’ll have a great time on your next camping trip.