A Manual Binder Machine For Family Fun

If you’re like many parents I know, myself included, you often find yourself at a loss as to how to keep your children busy, happy, and out of trouble. I know there are plenty of things for them to do around the house that will keep them occupied, like sitting sprawled all over the couch playing video games and stuffing their mouths with chips and dip, but let’s face it. We all have greater aspirations for our children than to watch them sit around rotting their brains and clogging up their arteries.

So here’s a novel idea. Why don’t you buy your kids a manual binder machine and let them start their own professional binding business?

This is a great way to keep your kids busy in a productive and educational manner. A manual binder is a machine that takes a lot of work to operate. Someone has to line up the papers inside the machine. Someone has to press down on the lever and punch the holes. The wire spiral has to then be inserted neatly into all the holes. And then someone needs to crimp the edge of the coil to keep it from coming apart.

Your kids will learn to advertise, deal with deadlines, manage orders, and will learn fiscal responsibility. These are all things that they’ll need to know how to do in order to be successful later on in life. And the best thing is that a manual wire binding machine really doesn’t cost very much at all. It’s a small investment to make, especially when you compare it to how much you would otherwise be spending on those video games and the chips and dip; not to mention on cholesterol medication. Kids love running a business, and this is a great way to give them that opportunity.