A Junior Bed is Ideal for Your Youngster

Every baby eventually outgrows his or her crib.  This does not necessarily mean (s)he is ready for a full-sized bed.  There are some important reasons why a junior bed is ideal for your toddler.

Its height is one of its most relevant points.  As a junior bed is much closer to the floor than full-sized beds, your youngster will be safer.  Whether (s)he moves around while sleeping, or is simply an active child, you will not have the concern of him/her tumbling out of bed and getting hurt.  The height also makes it more convenient for him. Getting in and out of the bed is easier for him/her to do when his/her bed is of a lower height.  For both safety and convenience, the child-appropriate height makes it a great choice.

These beds also include optional railings.  When first moving your toddler from the crib to his new junior bed, you would want to have the railings installed.  This will prevent your toddler from falling out of the bed during the night. As he grows a little older, and becomes more use to sleeping in his junior bed, you can easily remove the railings.  This feature makes it the perfect way for a youngster to make the transition from a crib to a regular bed.  It is up to you to decide when (s)he no longer needs the bed’s railings.  As they can be removed easily, simply take them off when the time has come.

Young children gain a wonderful sense of pride in their accomplishments.  When they know they have outgrown their baby cribs, it gives them a feeling of being grown-up.  Your son or daughter will immediately be delighted with his or her first “real” bed.  This pride may even encourage him to look forward to nap time and bedtime.  Instead of struggling to get a toddler to cooperate with a crib, you may be surprised at how excited he is to use his new, grown-up style junior bed.

Toddlers beds were very popular in generations past.  While it was often due to needing the toddler’s crib for a new baby, many parents found all of these other reasons to be equally valid.  There is something very special about giving children the first real bed of their very own.  Their current popularity means more convenience and safety for today’s toddlers, and peace of mind for today’s parents.  They also make an attractive addition to children’s bedrooms.  Another advantage of a junior bed is the fact that it is much smaller than a regular single bed, taking up much less space, giving your toddler lots of space in his bedroom to play.

Your toddler will surely love his junior bed and so will you.