A Few Small Additions Will Transform A Child’s Room

A suggestion on how to design a newborn’s room. Two years ago my wife and I had the great fortune of having a newborn’s room to design. We had a baby on the way and an empty room, our blank canvas, to convert. Many folks think about what color to pain the walls and stop there. I’m going to suggest a couple smallish additions that you can make that will turn an average baby’s room into a stunning room for your new family member. These suggestions won’t break the bank either.

We started by priming the walls and ripping out the old carpeting that was in the room. You may be like us and find that underneath twenty year old carpeting lies some very unused and beautiful wood floors. If they are in dire straights then consider putting down a floating floor laminate product. They are inexpensive and very easy to install. I’ve done two and they both look great. Let’s get to painting. We had a boy on the way so we choose a sky blue color. We did three walls in the blue but on the fourth wall added one foot wide white stripes. This gave it a circus, whimsical feel. Perfect for a youngster. Up along the ceiling we added some nice four inch cornice. These are now made out of a type of foam. Much easier and cheaper to install than the old wooden standards. Third step was adding a few ornate looking white stencils in the upper corners. These can be found at any art supply shop and only cost a couple dollars. Lastly we added a white bookcase to contrast the rich dark wood of the other furnishings and put up a couple cheap shelves.

There you have it, just a few minor alterations and you can inexpensively spruce up a room making it perfect for your little king.