A Few of the Best Wii Gifts for Girls

Young girls of today enjoy video games as much as their male counterparts and spend most of their pocket money to buy the games of their choice.  The keep a track of all the new games that come out and ever since the Wii console became available, they have been falling over themselves to buy the latest and the best along with the requisite wii remote accessories that make these games even more exciting. Wii games have proved to be very popular at parties for girls of all ages and with the variety of games available, there’s no dearth of choices whether it be a little miss or a teenager.

Just imagine how ecstatic they would be if they happen to receive these games as a gift for their birthday, Christmas or any other occasion. Now you don’t have to put on your thinking caps to wonder what you should buy your teenage niece for her next birthday. Give her a Wii game and just see the look on her face which will be all the thanks needed.

Yotsuba & Wii
Here are a few games that will bring a sparkle to their eyes and who know, before long, you too might become a fan of the wii girl games, because they are great fun and can be enjoyed by almost anyone.

The Charm Girls Club: Pajama Party – This is just right for a slumber party or anywhere where girl gather. The first thing that has to be done is designing your own Charm girl and this game can be played just by you or with seven players. Consisting of 30 different games, the girls are bound to have a fantastic time designing their own Charm girl, mostly based on their own personalities.

Imagine Fashion Party – Fashion crazy girls will simply love this game. They can become designers by showing off their creative side on the runway. There are many ways in which you can play this game while choosing the different styles for the models including their makeup, accessories, haircuts etc. The Wii remote and the Nunchuk can be used as fashion tools and this game can be played with friends or compete with them online.

All Star Cheer Squad – Cheer leaders will go overboard if you give this as a gift. Gives the cheer leaders a chance to design their own avatar and personalize while new routines are learned so that competitions can be held against other teams. This game will definitely teach your children how to take over responsibility and have fun while doing it. Great ways of building confidence as well as making them learn a new talent.

Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey – Ideal for the little girl who still believes in fairies and princesses. This game will give her the chance of entering into a world of princesses and learn what makes a good princess. They will also be able to discover enchanted kingdoms and all the magic that they want in their lifetime.

When buying any wii games as gifts for girls, don’t forget the fun accessories that go with them. These Wii accessories are sure to be a hit with the receiver since they make the games more realistic and fun. You can buy them separately or as wii bundles which will be cost effective.  For her next birthday, give your favorite girl a popular wii game and see her reaction as she opens the best present she ever had.