5 Quintessential Camping Foods

Camping is a family fun activity that works with both small and large groups. In fact, camping is an activity that everyone from the beginner to the experienced pro can enjoy, especially if they are prepared. Obviously, you need to bring or have access to food and water as well as a way to make fire for cooking. There is no need for fancy cooking; a few camping recipes that are easy to prepare and taste great are all that is needed.

Try packing some of these go-to snacks.

A quintessential camping treat is trail mix. It is chock full of nuts for protein, chocolate chips for a quick boost of energy and lots of fiber to stave off your hunger until dinner. And, besides, chocolate is always good. 

Always pack a jar of peanut butter. This tasty snack doesn’t take up much room in your backpack but packs a powerful protein punch. Try a scoop, by itself, on a spoon or add some to your favorite camping recipes for added nutrition, protein and flavor.

Trekking into the woods with a loaf of bread is not the wisest decision. The bread can easily get smooshed and takes up a lot of valuable real estate in your ruck sack. Think outside the box or, in this case, the loaf. A package of tortillas wraps is a flexible, durable and tasty alternative for sandwich camping recipes.

Dried fruit is another go-to camping snack. Be careful if you are a newbie. You may suddenly realize that your new found love of dried pineapples is not necessarily loved by your digestive tract. In fact, dried fruit absorbs a lot of water and you really need to get your body used to them slowly or pack extra toilet paper.

Any discussion of camping recipes and foods is incomplete without mentioning the ubiquitous beef jerky. This dried meat is a concentrated source of protein that can be eaten on the go, whether hiking, white water rafting or dodging a traffic jam on Main Street.

There you have it. A great basic list of camping essentials to take care of any between meal snacking on the trails.