3 Ways to Get Your Kids Active

With all of the technologies and comforts afforded to all of us today, it’s often difficult to get your kids to get up off the couch and do something active.  Despite their obsession with television and gaming, there really are lots of great things today for your kids to do that will force them to get up and move!

The Wii Fit Gets Kids Moving

A Wii Fit is especially effective with kids that enjoy video games, but all kids can get into this fun and innovative technology.  The Wii Fit comes with lots of games, so they are bound to find something entertaining, no matter what your kids usually enjoy.  Playing with the Wii Fit improves motor and coordination skills, balance, and even posture.  It’s definitely a great idea to invest in one if you’re looking to get your kids active – especially during the winter months when outdoor play is not an option.

Pocket Bikes are Fun and Exciting to Ride

Pocket bikes are mini bikes, also known as miniature motorcycles, designed especially for kids. They aren’t as effective as far as exercise goes for kids, but they do encourage kids to get active outdoors. There are many varieties on the market today but some of the most fun are the Razor Pocket Rocket and the Razor Dirt Rocket.

The Razor Pocket Rocket is like an exact replica of a real racing bike.  It has a high torque motor and can go up to 15 miles per hour, making kids feel like they’re riding a real motorcycle.  A Razor Dirt Rocket can co up to 12 miles per hour and allows kids to see what it’s like to ride a real dirt bike.  They can go “mudding” just like dad!  Although pocket bikes are usually geared towards boys, girls will love them too.

Cooling off and Exercising in a Swimming Pool

active kids in the swimming pool

Fun on vacation in the pool

What kid doesn’t wish they owned some sort of swimming pool?  Pools can be pretty expensive to buy and maintain, which is why not every parent is anxious to get one.  If you think about the benefits of owning one, though, you might see that they well outweigh the costs.  They encourage kids to be active and swimming is excellent aerobic exercise.

These are just a few ideas to help you get your kids to stop sitting around and be active. Add one of these options to your household, and your favorite couch potatoes may soon be more active than you ever imagined they could be!